Costa Rica's – Newest Gated Community

on the Pristine South Pacific “Gold Coast” of Costa Rica with Ocean Views.

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Michele Gottlieb

Senior Property Specialist, Pacific Estates

Michele is one of Pacific Estates most experienced property specialsts. She has  become the foremost authority on relocation options for people considering a healthier lifestyle free of stress in Costa Rica. She  spends her days speaking to the clients and guiding them.

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 Pacific Estates is No Longer a Mere Vision: It Blossomed into a Newest Gated Community

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About Pacific Estates™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

Pacific Estates brings together a team of experienced developers, architects, contractors, hospitality specialists and businessmen from both the United States and Costa Rica, whose mission it is to provide you with a unique residential resort experience that combines the best of Costa Rican nature and outdoor living with the highest standards of design and luxury.
In Pacific Estates, you have the opportunity to start your day to the sound of exotic birds mingling with the music of the leaves as they sway to the rhythm of the gentle breeze. Invigorate yourself with freshly brewed coffee in the morning as you sit in your balcony, relaxed and peaceful while the stunning scenery embraces you .
Pacific Estates is not just a highly developed property. It is a community where people like you can live the high life. With the country's year-round warm weather, unmarred natural beauty and happy people, you can truly immerse yourself in the well-known Costa Rica "Pura Vida", the Pure Life. Your search for your Costa Rica dream home ends in Pacific Estates.

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